Love and dating quiz

However, you'll never know if they do unless you ask!There are a hundred ways you can act when you like someone, but more often than not, people are going to act shy and reserved around their crushes.While it can be extremely scary to approach the person you admire and spill the beans about your situation, it is always worth it to speak your mind.

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However, you know that if you go to their place to take care of them, you might catch their sickness. When you truly love someone, their looks become a bonus overtime.This is always a good thing, as looks tend to dim with age.So, for the sake of this example, imagine that your loved one was somewhat disfigured in an accident. Many couples face this dilemma in life, but only people who are truly ready to be in a relationship will pass this test.What you have to ask yourself, is if you're ready to devote your time, energy, and physical being to someone else.This may seem like a straightforward question, but it really isn't.

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