Love and dating building a relationship

But Jesus isn’t our relational back-up plan, someone we put first until someone better comes along.

He needs to stay central for us regardless of whether we’re single, dating, or married.

Courtship is continually looking for ways to show affection and to gain affection, to give attention and to gain attention, to attract and to merit attraction in return.

Romance is the part of courtship that makes your heart pound and gives you sweet dreams of a life together. Observe carefully and note the lack of respect, enjoyment or affection in relationships without any type of continual courtship. Realize that the habit of courtship is essential at every stage of a relationship.

It’s easy to give Jesus priority status when there’s no competition.

When we start dating, however, it’s common for many of us to slowly channel the energy that we’ve been investing in our relationship with Him into our newfound love.

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When Jesus is our first priority, our view of love, sex, and relationships is enhanced and enriched.

This is true not only while building a relationship, but while maintaining one.

Annie Mueller is a professional writer and blogger.

A continually practiced courtship creates a cycle that helps both people enjoy the relationship. Talk to people, read about happy relationships and most of all, study the one you are courting.

The habits, preferences, hobbies, interests, pet peeves, hidden dreams and daily life of the one you are pursuing will provide the best material for creative courtship.

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