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While you are installing Red Hat Linux, until Anaconda displays the About to Install screen, you can press CONTROL-ALT-DEL to abort the installation process and reboot without making any changes to the hard disk.Exactly which screens Anaconda displays depends on whether you are installing Fedora or Red Hat Enterprise Linux and which command(s) you specified following the boot: prompt (preceding).The installation program asks you to specify the source of the installation data (s), graphics cards, and the monitor. You must know exactly which cards or chips the system uses when you use this command.

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The automatic selection gives you the option of reviewing and changing the partitions Anaconda sets up.Unless you need a very secure system, you do not need to turn this feature on.Give the following command to install Fedora with SELinux turned on: As the system boots, text scrolls on the monitor, pausing occasionally.To begin most installations, insert the first installation CD into the CD drive and turn on or reset the system.For hard disk and network-based installations, you can use the rescue CD (page 39) in place of the first installation CD.

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