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The parks are generally well maintained and there are more then a few skateboard parks.

The heritage of the Boardwalk is everywhere here and while the locals loathe the traffic it brings,we all admit to bringing our out of state guests there.

The challenge comes from the very expensive housing and costs that go with that, There has been a huge migration from “over the hill (highway 17 which is a question in and of its self)” which has driven the costs up rapidly. There is fresh air exchange that is so welcoming that every one has a sport they indulge in, surfing, running and my favorite biking.

The ocean is beautiful and accessible to every one, you can literally be at the beach and in 20 minutes be in redwood forests that defy us all to describe.

“JRDA is thrilled to be working once again with WFTDA on this year’s JRDA Championships broadcast!We are especially excited that this partnership enables us to provide free streaming via Twitch.Now more people than ever before can tune in and engage with junior roller derby during our most exciting event of the year.” says Brett Rogers Sr. All games on both tracks of the 2019 JRDA Championships will be live streamed for free at July 26-28.Garcia directed Antonio Gonzales Hernandez to fire shots July 16 into a blue Cadillac driven by Burrow, who died at the scene.His uncle, a passenger in the car, was seriously injured.

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