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Any design for which patent right may be granted shall be obviously differentiable from the prior design or a combination of features of the prior design. Any applicant who claims the right of priority shall make a written declaration when the application is filed, and submit, within three months, a copy of the patent application document which is first filed. Will the novelty of the design application be checked “ex officio” (vs/ prior art) during the registration procedure? When electronic filing is used, the format of the views should be JPG or TIF. After the grant of the patent right for a design, no entity or individual may, without the authorization of the patentee, exploit the patent, that is, make, offer to sell, sell or import the product incorporating its or his patented design, for production or business purposes.Any design for which patent right may be granted must not be in conflict with any legitimate right gained prior to the date of filing by any other person. Any document submitted under the Chinese Patent Law and its Implementing Regulations must be in Chinese. If a dispute arises as a result of exploitation of a design patent without permission of the patentee, that is, the patent right of the patentee is infringed, the dispute shall be settled through consultation between the parties.Aug With tension all around us in the world it is comforting that Chinese people are still able to see the funny side.

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In 2013, the average examination period for design application is within 3.8 months as counted from the date of filing. Where any foreigner, foreign enterprise or other foreign organization having no habitual residence or business office in mainland China applies for a patent, or has other patent matters to attend to, in China, or the applicant, as the first named applicant in a patent application jointly with an applicant from mainland China, applies for a patent and has other patent matters to attend to, he or it shall appoint a patent agency to act as his or its agent. What are the requirements for registering a design? When the applicant for patent is not satisfied with the decision of the Patent Re-examination Board, he or it may, within three months from the date of receipt of the notification, institute legal proceedings in the people's court. Therefore, trademark, copyright and other prior IP Rights may justify the invalidation of design.

Any design for which patent right may be granted shall neither belong to the prior design, nor has any entity or person filed before the date of filing with the Patent Administrative Department Under the State Council an application which described the identical design and was announced in patent document after the date of filing. Yes, applicant shall claim priority rights when the application is filed. What are the requirements and the documentation (type, format) to be provided for when claiming priority? Is there a minimum/maximum number of views and size of the pictures of my design? the relevant drawing or photographs submitted by applicant shall clearly indicate the design of the product for which patent protection is sought. Are there specific requirements as to the format of the views to be submitted in the design application (in particular when electronic filing is used) No. Application fees: ¥500; Publication fees: ¥205; Annual fees: 1-3 years: ¥600 per year 4-5 years: ¥900 per year 6-8 years: ¥1200 per year 9-10 years: ¥2000 per year 15. Meanwhile, the patent, utility model and other prior IP Rights which discloses the design may be used in the invalidation of the design as a prior art. How can I enforce the rights of a registered design?

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