Kiefer sutherland dating beauty magazine style editor

I was on the ground and I thought, If I die here, I'm going to be really p****d."The one thing I said to them was ' Please don't shoot my dog.' " And although he starred as the unflappable Jack Bauer on TV show '24', he admitted he is nowhere near as brave as his alter-ego.Siobhan Bonnouvrier is the style director for Allure magazine and the girlfriend of Keifer Sutherland. Hip Celebrity: Kiefer Sutherland and girlfriend Siobhan Bonnouvrier siobhan bonnouvrier - latest news, information, videos, photos, images.

I wouldn't have considered making an album when I was 25. "Songwriting is cathartic and helps me put things into perspective." However, his recent single ' Can't Stay Away', does not refer to a doomed love affair, as some people think, but is actually about a period in his life when he spent too much time at a local bar.

The "Designated Survivor" and "24" star has been dating Cindy Vela, who grew up in Brownsville, for about three years.

Since Sutherland, 50, began starring in "Designated Survivor" last fall, Vela, 38, has frequently shared snaps of her and Sutherland on her Instagram page.

Speaking at a special screening of the first episode at Old Billingsgate Market in London on Tuesday night (), Kiefer said: "I was fine putting the character to bed but we had worked with the crew for eight years, 98 percent of those people were there from day one to the very end.

I think over the course of the eight years 32 children were born and 42 marriages happened. "I went to say goodbye to the camera operator Guy on the last day and we used to have a phrase 'we danced together'.

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