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Now, I suppose this is a film that's not meant to be enjoyed on the level of a typical romantic comedy; but, with this cast and a sugary, generic title like ' Something Borrowed,' a viewer should not be forced to withstand the cringe-inducing behaviour like that of Dex & Rachel.Never have I so wanted the leads of a romance to be hit by a New York cabbie.The only person we hear any reason from is Ethan, and by then we all want to smack some sense into the main characters. It's a common trick in cinema to demonize characters so that we stay rooting for the main character. At first Darcy had a few good traits that you could see, but it wasn't long before she become entirely RIDICULOUS as a character.

Who wouldn't at least give a guy like that a chance? At the end, when she runs into Darcy, we don't get the resolution needed between them, and when her phone rings, I just knew it was Ethan. Charming and charismatic, his was the only character at the end I still liked.Here, we only have the Rachel, the woman who betrays her friend (Goodwin); Dex, the fiancé who betrays his love (Egglesfield); and, Darcy, the woman betrayed by both (Hudson).Typically, you can associate with those cheated on solely through sympathy, but that was made difficult for two reasons: 1) Darcy's a secondary character who seems to always act like that girl who always gets too drunk at college parties; and, 2) The movie constantly acts as if it's going to reveal something negative about her past (spoiler: it does).Others have run into issues that have led to ugly divorces.Nick Swisher used to be in a relationship with Danielle Gamba.

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