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Klaus (Joseph Morgan) doesn’t seem like he’s so hesitant on the idea anymore, either, which mean things could actually happen for Elijah and Hayley in Season 2. This one isn’t so much a hookup request, since they’ve done that plenty.

They haven’t even kissed yet, but you know more sexual tension is on its way in Season 2. It’s more of a “finally, actually get together for real” request.

With so many crazy storylines being featured on the show and with more to come, vote to let us know what do you think about what’s happening on the show and what will be happening this coming week: This week on Y&R, spoilers indicate that Victor is going to be romancing Nikki again.

These two have a long history of making up and breaking up.

Leave it to the dead best friend to make sure Stefan is set on the correct path to romance. A guy doesn’t just give a girl his sword because he wants to be her BFF. Obviously, things got a little complicated at the end of the season, but when are things ? If only Emily (Emily Van Camp) could let go of that revengenda.

Yeah, OK, there’s a bit of an awkward age gap here, but that hasn’t kept from exploring the chemistry between these two and chemistry they have, indeed. Sure, Emily and Aiden have a certain sexiness, and Jack and Margaux have a quaint little charm, but neither are the end game.

Do you think they should hook up or just be done with each other? 3 Spoilers are indicating that Nick is going to become suspicious when he learns that Sharon asked Phyllis to be one of her bridesmaids.

2 Abby and Arturo’s relationship seems to be moving along at a swift pace even after she found out that he hooked up with her stepmom, Nikki. Do you think Sharon is finally going to find out this week about Phyllis and Nick’s one night stand?

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