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It was, like, ‘Well, we can’t come out now with it because we’d already been telling people that it wasn’t the truth’.But I think once we broke up and things weren’t so dramatic it was, like, ‘Wow, it really wouldn’t have been a big deal at all to just tell people, yeah, we’re dating’.Basically, in a nutshell, the statement insisted that Hayley Williams was a sneaky snake in the grass, who had been lying through her teeth since Paramore started. If you would like more information than that, go here: Essentially, because Hayley is STILL the only person signed to Atlantic, she used/uses this company as a way to pay the boys more than they would get paid by the label as her hired musicians, which is what the label sees the boys as.

Hayley and her manager often went behind the boys' backs to meet with other labels and executives without them present or knowing. As of late, it has come to light that, without the fans knowing, Hayley Williams has been the CEO of a company called Varoom Whoa, Inc., a company that is located in Franklin, TN and that was founded in 2004.Some of these are my own, some I've found online, a... Hayley was easily manipulated by her family and management, who often insisted that she was actually a solo act and the boys were just hired help. Mostly, because of how well written, but mean spirited it was, and mostly towards Hayley Williams.Farro previously dated Paramore singer and bandmate Hayley Williams from 2004 to 2007, and later dated Tabitha Richards in 2009.On April 3, 2010, Farro married fiancée Jenna Rice in Tennessee, missing Paramore's Pacific Rim tour to plan the nuptials.

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