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That was 3 years ago, and the series never happened The lawyer for the Lucy Maud Montgomery estate claims Sullivan Entertainment, took home roughly -million in dividends from 1996 to the first six months of 1999. They had a bad lawyer who sold the rights, if that is true The first 2 series are still available and popular..idea that there wasn't any profit is show biz accounting...though LM Montgomery's heirs probably do pretty well with the Anne-related events/merch available on PEI and beyond.How did Disney manage to stay out of these lawsuits?But Kate Macdonald Butler, Montgomery’s granddaughter and president of the family-owned Heirs of L. Montgomery Inc and the family never saw a percentage of the profit.Sullivan claimed that the movies did not make a profit. By 1999, the family held a news conference and accused Sullivan of failing to pay royalties.Jonathan Crombie was born on Wednesday, October 12th, 1966, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Anne of Green Gables was even watched in Australia r33. Colleen Dewhurst was Murphy Brown's mom too, right? She was, however, a devotee of Christian Science and rejected treatment. Her son begged her to seek treatment but she refused. Here a quote of her commenting on her memories of Jonathan:[quote]He was incredibly funny, Jonathan just had an amazing sense of humour," she told The Canadian Press.

Sullivan Entertainment, led by Kevin Sullivan, produced the landmark Anne of Green Gables mini-series starring Megan Follows that aired in 1985 on CBC.

Sullivan had acquired certain film and television rights to Montgomery’s books the previous year.

The whole series was terribly miscast as well as being pretty much a travesty on the books. And to act so convincingly at various ages was truly remarkable considering Follows was only 15-16 when she shot the first film. R88, the only thing the third film had in common with any of the books was World War I. And at least one of the girl twins was a lesbian...

Personally, I would go so far to call it an oscar worthy performance. I didn't even finish watching the fourth film with Barbara Hershey. I watched the third series and got more angry than I had any business being over how badly the story was botched.

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