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"I got to dance with Gaga and talk to her…She was so sweet, and I told her how I’m pursuing acting, and she told me to never give up and [that] she believes in me.Lady Gaga is a single gal after her split from ex-fiance Christian Carino... Reports now claim that Gaga has moved on with Marvel superhero Hawkeye, aka Jeremy Renner! The source “doesn’t believe it’s romantic at this point,” but said Gaga has been “been spending a lot of time” with Jeremy and his daughter. Especially because it means people might stop shipping her with Bradley Cooper!!The two were reportedly planning a wedding, with Gaga debuting a monster of a pink engagement ring last October.We can't jump on the "Lady Renner" ship too quickly, though.

Couldn’t she simply be discussing a potential role—or, gasp, making a new friend?

A tabloid claims Lady Gaga has dated Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner and her sound engineer Dan Horton, all in a matter of months. The singer was never romantically involved with either Cooper or Renner, despite such rumors cropping up several times over the past few months. “Bradley Cooper, Jeremy Renner Both Want To Marry Lady Gaga?

co-star, the tipster says, “She adores Bradley, he can do no wrong.” As for Renner, “he’s a dear friend and they have fun, but there are no strings attached. ” The only remotely true aspect of this story is that Gaga appears to be in a new relationship with her sound engineer.

“She’s playing the field and has a few good men on the go,” a supposed source tells the magazine.

Late last month, the singer was spotted kissing Horton during a lunch date in Los Angeles, but according to the magazine, her new romance is coming on the heels of a couple of famous flings.

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