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Rinko is possibly the most difficult of the three types for a non-Japanese to understand, as she represents the "tsundere" personality type - a girl who is unfriendly and sometimes hostile to people she doesn't know well, but will thaw over time and eventually show her warmer side.

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Eventually though, I got it right, and Nene wanted to be my girlfriend (the same girl that the aforementioned Japanese man married - I wonder if he'll be jealous? And then, the second chapter of the game begins, in which you begin to make use of the Nintendo DS built-in microphone to literally tell her how you feel about her. While the version of the game I was playing had English text, the core of the game is still Japanese.

In other words, while in our eyes, it may seem like madness to love a fictional character or even an inanimate object, in a society where loneliness is a louder noise than most, reaching for something familiar to love is not so strange after all - to any of us. When it comes to topics of interest to nerds, geeks, and superfans, we know how true that is. features stories from a nerd's perspective that you can still share with your "normal" friends and family.

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Generally one of the goals, besides the main plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship between the female player character and one of the several other characters.

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