Ive given up dating

However, that won’t lead down the path to love and happiness. If you can admit to yourself that you need some guidance from someone who knows how to do it, then you’re already halfway there.

Just make sure, the person you reach out to for help, has what you want.

If you’re like me, then you’re probably a super hard worker.

Sometimes it’s easy to let work take over your life though.

Unfortunately for me though, my first meetup was just as awkward as dating, if not more so. The point is, it’s human to feel like something’s wrong with you when every woman you date never seems to want to go out again.

You have to learn about yourself, and that takes time.

Reflect on the people and environments where you felt your best and recreate those.

For instance, can you remember what hobbies you loved as a kid? If I want to find my sweet spot, I know that it’s time to sign up for an acting class or check out a new dance class at a local studio.

Instead, go sign up for an acting class or a painting class or a co-ed social sports league. Go to places where you can authentically increase your social circle.

Try meeting new women in-person, rather than relying solely on dating apps.

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