Is rafael nadal dating anyone

He's one of only two male tennis players to have won the career Golden Slam (all four Grand Slams and an Olympic gold medal) during their singles career, and a virtually guaranteed presence wherever best tennis players of all time are listed.

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If that's true, it doesn't seem to have hurt Nadal's career at all.

Thanks to several rain delays and both men playing at the top of their game, the clash became an almost seven-hour affair that featured more twists and turns than a Hollywood blockbuster.

Nadal won just before the officials had to stop the match because of the darkness.

Of course, the fact that Federer and Nadal have battled each other numerous times doesn't mean they're enemies in their private life.

As Federer has repeatedly said, the two have had their differences but have always gotten along very well and respected each other despite (and because of) their rivalry.

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