Internet dating just bytes

And we’re still headed out on a 16 hour travel day tomorrow to enjoy a bucket list trip for me. You may want to keep your eyes on the news over the next week to see if one or both of us kill the other ……..

Internet connection data caps are becoming more widespread in the US.

Art Radio is one of those Internet talk radio stations that always know what the latest scoop is.

No wonder, since they’re based in New York, NY, in the wonderful historic Clockhouse building in Lower Manhattan, no less.

Even if you might not be into British accents, their overall reporting standards are top-notch and well worth the listen.

The BTR is a top-rated Internet talk radio station focusing on all aspects of business and economy, from investments and agriculture to current movies, travel, dining and topical entrepreneur issues.

Oo T (pronounced Know-It-All), he has been debating with me about the importance and structure of going through international customs.

It is, obviously, a talk station that targets the tech-savvy or those who strive to become constantly updated tech geeks.

They cover digital TV and radio, media news and, of course, all the latest in matters of gadgetry.

Of course, there is no radio broadcast more comprehensive and all-inclusive than the NPR Program Stream.

With studios in Washington, DC, this station has got a little bit of everything for every type of listener.

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