Insider internet dating secrets

If it is not included on this list, it is because I have no experience with the site or product I have compiled this list to save you time, energy and money…and to save myself the headache of responding to the numerous emails I get surrounding these topics.Remember, women using paid dating sites are actively looking to meet someone.

Frank Kermit – Undoubtedly the most helpful and genuinely thoughtful coach in the community.

It gives a solid understanding of Online Attraction Theory as well as a lot of copy and paste profiles you can use. I only recommend this program for Men under the age of 35.

Online Dating Secrets Revealed – David Wygant is pretty much awesome when it comes to every aspect of meeting, attracting, and connecting with women.

I get a lot of emails and questions from readers about various services, sites, and products concerning online dating.

The following list of resources are the only ones that I completely stand behind, and endorse, when it comes to picking up women on the Internet.

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