Importance of updating and writing new job descriptions

“Well-written and effectively-developed job descriptions are communication tools that allow both employees and candidates to clearly understand the expectations of the role, its essential duties, the competences [and] responsibilities, along with the required educational credentials and experience.” Kennedy explained.Employers need a way to ensure that your goals and values as an organization are reflected within the job description.A much more productive and useful system is to let each department or team work out their responsibilities together.Here’s how a group of people who work together, eg.4: Let people choose tasks Let people choose the tasks they would most like to work on.Let each employee go to the whiteboard in turn and pick out tasks they like to work on. If it’s absolutely necessary people can take turns doing it or work on it together (shared misery is lessened misery).

This makes writing concise and effective job descriptions a crucial component for setting your organization apart from the competition in order to attract the best candidates, and using those job descriptions to ensure you really do get the right people in the right roles.3: Group the tasks Try to group tasks together that are best done together.For instance “Gathering data for sales report”, “Making sales report” and “Distributing sales report inside company” may be tasks that it makes sense to do together.Some organizations have very structured job descriptions, with detailed processes and automated systems to keep up with job descriptions.However, other organizations have more limited resources or may not have a formal human resources department, or may not have an embedded process for creating and maintaining effective job descriptions.

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