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I think if you're along the lines around the same basic religion i.e.Catholic, Methodist, Baptist (all Christian type of religions) can work.Then he said yeah, I probably would be, and that he doesn't think he could be in a relationship with someone not Christian.Now I don't know the first thing about Christianity - maybe I would convert if we were to date exclusively, I don't know, because the things he's told me are believable, (I guess) but I really don't know what being a Christian entails and i'm not about to change what I currently believe just in order to be with someone. I'm also an atheist, and I can't really see myself dating a Christian. We (Oath) and our partners need your consent to access your device, set cookies, and use your data, including your location, to understand your interests, provide relevant ads and measure their effectiveness.

Relationships that don't mesh when it comes to religion can be very tricky, doable, but tricky.

They can also work if one is into religion and the other isn't practicing.

I think the headaches come when both partners are fiercely loyal to their own religion which will eventually cause conflict.

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