Hot chat without e mail

So, nothing fancy, just a rundown of some things I learned while going through my first playthrough of the game.

make sure you get 8 hours of sleep the night before, you’ll thank me later.

But, make sure to plan your playthrough accordingly.

I know it’s hard to plan for every single outcome in the real world, but you can do things to help minimize life getting in the way of your gaming.

For example, if you start a PM, you miss out on every chat room that opened up before that point…

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We’ve all seen the memes and vines circulating on Twitter and Tumblr, and like you I scoffed at the though of using an alarm for a game.Let alone a free to play game, but the truth of the matter is that alarms make all the difference when playing , so I suggest you get a good one!I don’t mean the generic ring once and snooze alarms, I mean one that’s loud enough to wake the dead!Because at 2AM, a good alarm is the difference between a successfully completed chat room and missed chat room.While the notification sound effects on my Galaxy S7 are nice, they’ll never wake me up at the unholy hour of AM like the 2nd Death Note OP does. Put on your comfy sweatpants, close the windows, lock the doors, and settle comfortably into bed; you’re not going anywhere for awhile.

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