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“The thought [rejoining] has crossed my mind before, but I don’t think so.

It would be interesting to ever be asked to rejoin the band but I don’t think it would ever happen.” Bassist Jeremy Davis left Paramore in 2015, becoming the sixth band member to leave since they formed.

It’s a good feeling to know that you’re on good terms with someone you had a bad breakup with, so all’s well now.

“Maybe one day we’ll be really good friends again and be able to hang out, but as of right now it’s taking those next steps of ‘okay at first it was raw and nobody wanted to talk to each other’ and now I feel we’re at that stepping stone where we can be in each other’s presence and it’s good now and everybody feels great, but maybe that next step is hanging out. Maybe it’s in the near future.” Farro is keen to focus on his solo career now, ruling out the possibility of returning to Paramore.

Like this guy says, it was heavily rumored that Hayley cheating on Josh with Chad happened just prior to the '08 European tour being cancelled due to "internal trouble"...( said that, its a rumour that has never been confirmed, not even in Josh's "burn it down" blog, so take it with a grain of salt.

Paramore began playing together shortly after lead singer Hayley Williams moved to Franklin, TN in 2002, but they did not officially form until 2004, with members: Josh Farro, Zac Farro, Jeremy Davis, Hayley Williams, and Jason Bynum.

Speaking to NME about his relationship with Hayley Williams and the rest of Paramore, the musician said despite the 2010 blog he is now on “good terms” with the band and hopes that things will get even better in the future.na they dated for like 3 years, and broke up early on in the Riot! If you go and watch the final riot doco, a lot of the early footage attached to it (shot many months before the concert) is when they were still together...It was either in Behind the Brand or Radio 1 Interview that she mentioned that when they broke up and stayed in the band it was like they kept breaking up so I'm pretty sure it was nastier than "what was best for the band" it seemed like a real parting of hearts but all reasons beyond that is just speculation. The couple dated each other for a short time and got engaged. Josh and Jenna have been married for seven years now and their relationship is going very well. The couple doesn’t have any children together till now.

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