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Based on the above definitions and examples, it’s overwhelmingly clear that online dating fraud that leads to sex should be legally punished.But can action also be taken preemptively, after a relationship is found to be steeped in fraud but before the sexual act?

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The lies that led the victim to form a relationship with the deceiver can easily be captured, via screenshots of the offending dating profiles and messages. —Whether it’s about their age, height, figure, occupation, marital status, or something else, so many online daters weave webs of lies in their dating profiles.In fact, the vast majority of online daters aren’t honest — Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison found that a whopping 80% of daters post at least one lie in their profiles.Let’s examine two examples of online sexual fraud, both of which led to no consequences for the deceivers.To catfish women into sleeping with him, Ricardo Agnant digitally crafted the persona of a Miami Dolphins football player with the nickname “Maserati Rick.” (In reality, Agnant never played for any NFL team, and only participated in one Dolphins regional combine).

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