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Anna and I hadn’t met in person since 18th August 2010, so I was becomingly tense as I took a cab down to the train station in my hometown Nyköping, Sweden, on 1st April 2011.

Anna and I would meet at the Boden train station the next morning at about 7 AM. I had met him and talked with him one time at the Singi hut in Lapland.

Anna told me she was planning to go skiing in Lapland in April, and said I’d be welcome along, even if that, I must say, seemed pretty far from reality at the time, since I didn’t have the winter equipment I thought was necessary, like certain clothes, and the particular skis and boots you need for the Lapland winter.

April is considered winter up there, or perhaps spring with remaining winter conditions.

A message from Anna that skis and boots could be rented at the Abisko Mountain Station lifted my mental roadblock, though, and I got on the phone at work and rented the stuff right off, and also got my train tickets.

This was 26th January, and the hike would begin on 2nd April, so we still had some tough waiting time.

Then, on 27th December, Anna sent me her story about her hike in Lapland of 2010, and that opened my eyes for what a very special person she was. I could feel, in every nerve of my body, all the nuances of her hike, and the way she said things made me realize how sensitive and intelligent she was, and how quite wonderful a human being, with so much insight into the mystery of man and life.

From that point on I saw her in a quite new, transfigured light.

I had to get optically cut glacier glasses, since I always wear correctional lenses, but that was easily done by buying a pair of French Julbo glacier glasses at Add Nature in Stockholm, which I left with my optician, who had my correctional lenses inserted in the special bows, which blocks out light also from the sides.He didn’t speak much Swedish or English, but kept uttering the words “no problem” innumerable times, probably having diffused many a threatening situation that way!Continuation of 3 April 2011 About three, four kilometers after the reindeer fence we got to the rest hut Rádunjárga that I hadn’t even been aware of existed, since the summer path is drawn higher up in the terrain to the right, not coinciding with the cabin.This would have been rather peculiar for any two persons, but it proved much more peculiar in our case, after a while, when we found out how much we had in common, and how well we socialized.This did not dawn upon us in the summer of 2010, though, when all we did was to hike from Nallo to the Unna Räita hut, where we had a meal and then parted, when Anna went back to Nallo and I stayed the night at Unna Räita, one of my favorite spots in the Lapland wilderness.

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