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Besides, Dan the Automator had already produced entire albums by artists working in various in different genres, and Prince Paul’s A Prince Among Thieves was a great album that had about as many guests as White People, so it stood to reason that this album could have been great.Sprinkled throughout are thoroughly-unfunny skits by Tim Meadows, who plays his lame “Ladies Man” character, and Father Guido Sarducci.There are the essential albums that need to be in everyone’s collection.There are the personal favorites, the ones that aren’t highly acclaimed but still get played every once in a while.When people say there's a lot of cameo artists in this album they MEAN IT! After listening to the CD I must say this is definately how hiphop should be always produced. I was looking up Kid Koala stuff and the name of this all-star duo just caught my attention.

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Dan the Automator), hugely successful hip-hop producers in their own right. Unfortunately it looks as though they won't be producing any more now that Prince Paul has left the group in 2006 ov…This includes “Dating Game”, a three-minute long skit in which a young woman has to choose between a guy who sounds like Jay-Z, a guy who sounds like the RZA, and the Ladies Man, and the only funny part involves the RZA mispronouncing “Chrysler” (“Kwysler”).Even worse, the album inexplicably ends with Sarducci delivering a five-minute monologue about the problems that come with being a model.Review: Jack Foley HANDSOME Boy Modeling School put the fun back into hip-hop.Mixing some genuinely funky beats, some cool hip-hop grooves and even elements of rock/nu-metal, the quirky duo have delivered one of the most enjoyable hip-hop albums of the year - and one which is guaranteed to have you laughing out loud.

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