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And a master story teller makes every one of them count in a feat of skilled directing that will stand as a model for a long time to come ! 1 / Eliot Keen, Editor CONTENTS for MAY Cover — Greta Garbo. When it was over the applause was for him as an actor. And the greatest boy too, he gave the best he had to the job proof of its deep sincerity was the complete that meant to him the gateway to paradise.

Watch for the announcement of "SQUARE CROOKS" at your favorite playhouse. As lack of hysteria that usually dominates such he grew older he found many things around a demonstration.

Thrills, mystery, humor, romance and tragedy move side by side from start to finish of this super-study of the shady side of human nature! How he got on the lot you can read in the screen news from Broadway Lindy billed as "40,000 miles with Lind- article on page 30 but his first job was as an bergh." It shows Lindy's preparation actor.

There are enough situations in it to make a dozen good stories! Then, rather than leave the atmo- of the famous flight of 'We' to Paris and sphere that he loved, he stayed on as an ends with the finale of the South American office boy until there was another opening tour.

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