Guys sneaky online dating tricks

If he is interested in you, he may invite you to join him on his weekend activity.And who knows, it may just lead to something more romantic.If he does like you, he’ll use this opportunity to ask you out himself. ] #3 Invite him to join you If you’ve made any plans with your friends for the weekend, casually bring the subject up when you’re hanging out with him and invite him to come out with all of you.Tell him it’ll be fun to hang out together and check out a new place.

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Ask your friend to tell the guy that it’s so obvious he likes you, and ask him when he’s ever going work up his courage to ask you out?!If he lives nearby, there’s a good chance he may have some time on his hands and he may even look forward to spending time with you.If you drop a hint and let him know about your routine, he may even end up bumping into you on a regular basis.Try bumping into him on your way out and ask him to come along with you or drive you nearby to help you out.And after finishing up your errand, ask him out for coffee.

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