Gridview rowupdating get

Here I am only going to show the different ways we can use code to take the value from gridview.

First, we have to very be clear in our mind that there are mainly two way of taking the cell value from the gridview: Another Way of Taking -- Just for Sharing This code is for taking the value apart from the gridview events; that is, any common event using sender object .

I had bind several column from datatable into one single column of the gridview. The following is the aspx code: Private Sub Create Data Table() Dim cmd As New System.

But I have no idea how to get those value when doing Row Editing & Row Updating.

Bind Data() End Sub Protected Sub Grid View1_Row Updating(By Val sender As Object, By Val e As Grid View Update Event Args) 'Retrieve the table from the session object. using the grid view row find control method you can get the control and its values.

New Edit Index 'Bind data to the Grid View control. Bind Data() End Sub Private Sub Create Data Table() Dim cmd As New System.

Dim dt = CType(Session("dt"), Data Table) 'Update the values.

Add(New Data Column("Col1_APH", Get Type(String))) dt.

Add(New Data Column("Col1_TOIL", Get Type(String))) dt.

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