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How 1 million black families were ripped from their farms, life with Lyme disease, Aung San Suu Kyi, and the lunch ladies of New Canaan.

Plus Leslie Jamison on pregnancy after an eating disorder, meritocracy’s miserable winners, HBO’s sex-scene coach, how economists broke America, Clarence Thomas, and more.

Flickr Free’s biggest benefit is in the name: it’s free.

For the cost of absolutely nothing, you can upload up to 1000 photos or videos and find inspiration, education, and community around every corner.

The supplement regimen was made by Goop Wellness, one of several product lines that have grown out of Gwyneth Paltrow’s influential lifestyle website, Goop.

I’m no expert on the physics of odor suppression, but my instinct was to sink low in my chair in an effort to trap as much stink under my desk as possible.

These students are the beneficiaries of a generation of construction that has spawned ritzy new dorms and other facilities at many colleges, as well as, more infamously, such amenities as rock-climbing walls and lazy rivers. “The vision is to develop the coolest, hippest, most compelling destination in downtown,” the president of Emerson College, in Boston, told last year when discussing a project that includes a new cafeteria and dorm.

Meanwhile, at Arizona State University, a new residence hall for engineering students has 3-D printers, a fitness center, and Wi-Fi that can handle multiple devices per student.

In the mid-20th century it was still relatively rare to see depictions of married couples sleeping in the same bed (see: , argues that while the smaller beds were a huge cultural fad, it’s not clear numbers-wise exactly how many households adopted them.

The entire Amazon could be nearing the edge of a desiccating feedback loop, one that could end in catastrophic collapse.

This collapse would threaten millions of species, from every branch of the tree of life, each of them—its idiosyncratic splendor, its subjective animal perception of the world—irretrievable once it’s gone.

From there, I opened a new browser tab to find out what I had done to myself.

HONG KONG—Moments after a gasoline bomb arced over a police-station wall, officers began shooting rounds of rubber bullets at protesters here.

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