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This is our list of different phone sex fetish or fantasy calls we get on a daily basis.

SMALL PENIS HUMILIATION – hahahaha what a pathetic little worm that is. SMOKING FETISH – The sound of the lighter, the inhale of smoke. STEP MOMS – Daddy just had to go and marry that woman. I will take anything you give me…cause dominating me means you want me. TITTY FUCK – Rub that hard cock in between some fabulous melons. I want to be able to suck the head every time it gets forced through my squeezed tits.

Oh I got to call my girlfriend and tell her about this.

PEARL NECKLACE – Old fashioned and just like ZZ Top says…She wore a pearl necklace.

LACTATION FETISH – My titties are so heavy from all this milk. Don’t rub those panties against your clitty too much. Like getting that dick sucked while you take a giant shit? PREGNANT FANTASY – Like rubbing that swollen belly? PUNISHMENT – Denying you time, making you hang and wait for big orgasm, not letting you have one at all.

Keep a kennel full of ripe pussies just for you to fill.

Broomsticks, cucumbers…whatever looks good and can fill you or me up.

CASTRATION FANTASY – It is true, some men would just be better off without a dick. Show Mistress your pretty panties, parade around and let yourself be used by whomever or whatever she chooses. Big men love the idea of a little cutie crawling all over them. Rub them, feel them against your thighs, grab her by them from behind. POTTY PLAY – Who wants to clean me up after I take a piss? Let’ MEAN GIRL – Take her shit and lust after her while she walks away. PANTY BOYS – Are you a sweet little sissy that needs his man pussy fucked? Maybe you want to put my sweet ass on the curb to fulfill your fantasy. This actually over time will make you last longer and stronger. Daddy is always wrapped around babies little finger. DANCER – Tight body and loves being watched on stage. FACE SITTING – Clear a spot and take a deep breath.

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