Gay dating ad for the superbowl

When a gay dating site called tried to buy air time to run a goofy commercial showing two men holding hands and then kissing, the network suddenly got the willies. The relevant answer is, that when it came time to test-drive their new ad policy, the network turned cowardly.On one side you have the mammoth Focus on the Family, a conservative, evangelical Christian, non-profit organization with a 8 million budget and an unsubtle agenda.And legendary defensive end Reggie White once told reporters that God had directed him to sign with the Green Bay Packers.Tebow is just the latest athlete to engage in this kind of thing.If a network rejects Focus on the Family's ad, what does that mean?

In a statement, CBS said its standards and practice process "ensures all ads -- on all sides of an issue -- are appropriate for air," and that it would "continue to consider responsibly produced ads from all groups for the few remaining spots in Super Bowl XLIV." Of course, it's sheer hypocrisy for CBS to pretend a humorous commercial in which two men watching the game on the couch accidentally brush hands, lock eyes and then start kissing for eight whole seconds while a companion looks away awkwardly (the ad is already all over You Tube), is too racy for the usual highbrow lineup of Super Bowl ads.

But he is not to be blamed for appearing in an issue ad; he's just doing what he believes is right.

The real problem is that CBS drew a line when it made room for just this ad under its loosened rules about allowing advocacy spots during what has long been the biggest television show of the year. If they want to run an anti-abortion spot and take the .6 million, or so, from Focus on the Family, the Christian group that's sponsoring the commercial, fine.

Ever since he burst onto the national scene, Tebow has worn his religion on his sleeve, right next to his play sheet, wearing eye-black adorned with Bible verses, helping with circumcisions in the Philippines as part of missionary work (yep, and there are pictures, too!

) and doing his best to force his beliefs into your face.

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