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Depending on how big your meeting room is, this might be an absurd assignment, but that just makes it a better ice breaker.

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Yeah, it’s a bit morbid, but have everyone imagine they’re on death row the night before their execution. Remove the chairs from the room in which you’re meeting and tell everyone that it’s a standup meeting.People are not going to be especially happy with the results (no one’s likely to frame these pictures), but they’ll be playful, which is a great atmosphere to start a meeting.You can take the collaborative features of your project management tool to get the team working together on fun ways to start a meeting with remote teams.Everyone should be constantly trying to improve themselves, and that includes on the job, so ask what one skill or talent each person would like to develop. Whatever color the person gets means that they have to answer a specific question about themselves.It could be work-related, which helps you understand a team member’s interests and where they need help, but keep it more open-ended. As the meeting settles, get people focused by asking what their favorite year is and why. You can have some fun figuring out what the questions are. You might not be a comedian, but it’s harder than you think not to laugh.

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