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She had this strange ability to be cute as a button no matter what she was doing. Her teeth were big and perfect and her lips seemed like they could no longer contain them as she beamed her giant smile at you.

She was dark of eye and hair, the latter semi long and flowing, the scent of tea roses never absent.

OK, so I did a lot of that, but I did hold down a steady relationship for two years with a pretty little thing named Gina.

What if I had a big dick and my tight little pussy and they were both yours?

" "Then I guess we'd be having very, very weird sex right now." "I think I'd like watching you suck me." Remember this conversation for later, in case you read further installments of the In Charge series.

By Thursday evening, our normal play time, I was a burned out shell of a man. I'll skip past half an hour of touchy feely crap, but I will mention that in terms of non-sexual intimacy it was a pretty powerful moment that served to bring us closer together. It's your night so you get what you want." Gina had an uncanny ability to shine at nearly anything. She poured a bunch of it out on my back and went to work. I can't tell you how much that helped my state of mind.

Gina arrived at my door glowing with anticipation and eager to get to it, but I just didn't have it in me. Eventually she brought the conversation back to our original intent for the evening. She could be the cutest of cute, the raunchiest of raunchy, the coyest of coy -- you name it. Her slippery hands roamed my back, pressing the knots out and shooing the stress away.

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    Her turbulent marriage to Carlos (played by Ricardo Chavira) survived the eight seasons of the show – with a dramatic storyline towards the end of the show seeing Gabrielle and Carlos struggling to cover up the accidental murder of her abusive stepfather.