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Seeing that his game is ready, Vincent slips on his VR headset. Finally, the only two people left in the white room are Amber and the General. He says goodbye to his mother and the smart assistant finishes the call. Amber spins around, gathering her thoughts as the pieces come together. 'When you create a room in virtually real, you always need to skin it. Feeling around the room, Amber replies that she plays them all the time. Not looking up, the defeated Ashley says that they wait for him. As they cum, they stagger back behind the action and fall to the floor, disappearing from the game in bright flashes.

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and the camera slowly tracks to one of the white walls to wait. The other girls pout and beg to be included, as they always do, but the General silences them.

The game alerts him that he is ready to log on and Vincent places a VR headset over his eyes. A digital version of Aidra slowly wakes up and lifts herself off the ground. Equally polite, each girl responds with her full name, age, and home room number. Another classmate, Audrey chimes in, reminding Aidra that he is in charge. Suddenly the room goes very bright and the General appears. you just had something in your hair.' He says awkwardly, apologizing. She rushes over to them and wakes them up, asking in a panic if they are ok.

She looks around and sees three of her classmates, all sitting cheerfully and silently in their uniforms. He is the digital version of Vincent, dressed head to toe in a full-scale military uniform. 'This is my stop.' He darts in and plucks a hair from her head, pretending to flick something off. She gingerly rubs the part he pulled and steps off the bus, giving him a weird look as he drives off. He sits at his desk, drinking his liquid dinner and staring at the new profile page on his computer. Just as he is about to uncheck her 'personality' option, his smart assistant chimes in to tell him his mother is calling.

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THE WHITE ROOM SCHOOL GIRLS GET REVENGE ON A VOYEURISTIC BUS DRIVER SCENE opens on Vincent, a mild-mannered bus driver for George Ivan Junior College. When Audrey asks for her home room number, Amber cuts her off. Ashley, who had spoken up to Aidra earlier, quickly rushes over and stops Amber. Sternly, he walks past each of them and has the girls repeat their name, age, homeroom number, and what they are here to do. 'God dammit,' he curses and says 'EXIT.' The room goes bright again. He pulls the VR headset down and stares at his computer. As it beeps loudly, he powers down the computer to reboot it. The girls stay frozen in line, waiting for the General to return. He starts to run around the room screaming 'EXIT' as Amber masturbates and laughs at him. He pounds his fists and throws the headset down in frustration, storming away from the desk. He stares at the road while the school girls chat excitedly in the back.

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