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Eventually, he was defeated by Cyborg and, like the other Brotherhood of Evil villains, ended up frozen by the Titans. He aspires to be a cool person, but fails to do so and has trouble getting girlfriends. issue "Bad Girls", Control Freak states that he has never had a girlfriend in his entire life.

He also seems to admire the Titans a little as seen in "For Real" when Aqualad states that he seems like a fanboy due to his description of the Titans, which was detailed and did seem like a fanboy description. Control Freak is a technological genius specializing in reality-warping/-controlling technology and media electronics (specifically television).

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At first Control Freak was able to use his immense knowledge of TV and movies to stay several steps ahead of the Titans and gain several additional super abilities and weapons, but in his overconfidence he oversaw a vital detail in their final confrontation which Beast Boy was able to exploit, leading once again to his capture.

He was taken down by Red X, who pasted his car to Mad Mod's vehicle, sending them spinning off the road.

Finally, as the Brotherhood of Evil executed its final strike against the Titans around the world, Control Freak was sent to capture Honorary Titan Killowat.

Control Freak, the Titans' self-proclaimed "arch-nemesis", is an overweight and unshaven geek who is notorious for using his super remote control to warp reality to suit his movie-inspired images.

However, he rarely uses his great intellect, preferring instead to make himself look "cool" in the world of television or committing crimes that will make him look like an actual villain.

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