Female pastors dating

In a worse case scenario they will notice something that is harmful and give needed warnings for either changes in the relationship or even to end the relationship.In a best case scenario they will give testimony to the godliness of your relationship and give their full support of a possible marriage as the relationship grows. You may want to rebel against these last few sentences, but if you are a minister of a congregation then your life is no longer totally yours.

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The minister gradually becomes more and more interested in this person.

If your "friend" seems to also share interest in getting to know you better then it would be good to have a conversation that clearly states each person's intentions.

This will help guard hearts and help determine the next steps.

They are there to help you see any "blindspots" that may emerge as your emotions get more involved in the possibility of a relationship with this person of the opposite gender.

They are also there to help you discern what the Holy Spirit is saying each step of the way.

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