Fdating com muslim Sex chat that requires profile

My profile has been temporarily unavailable for along time now and I can't even register on this site. I can no longer access the site because of the manager.

They don't give you any reason for banning you from the site.

Fdating taught me one thing that I should have already known cheaper very rarely means better.

This site is not an exception yes I joined it for free but the experience I had with it can be described as a complete waste of time.

I can't even contact the manager and they don't even reply.

After talking to them on fdating I had a chance to meet them all you need is to put your time and efforts and keep talking till you find a one you think is right for sure you don't send money to no one.....

Through this side I got in love with a guy in 2015, we did not get marry finally, I recommended this side to my sister and she met his husband here in 2017. Now it seems very impossible to make a profile on this site.

This is the only site that I use and the green manager bans me?

It has been over a year now and I can no longer join this site.

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