Fake millionaire dating show

I would have broken more things at the abnormalities of the shows, such as Kenny Vs. I would also like ot point out that she got a pedicure from the pedicurist, so she's staring all three of them down.Yeah, if that's not a reason to yawn and turn away, I don't know what is?Everything happens for a reason, like how when the Patriots don't play up to snuff, the Giants win the Super Bowl.I guess some people don't like me and my inductions at GSN, so we were treated to Love Triangle and now Dancing With The Stars reruns. During this fun-filled time, the medium gave her thoughts on the two guys, in the hope to whisk away the confusion and bring her chakra into brighter days, telling her about the two guys. And then she goes on talking about the guys to the dater saying that he likes this or acts like this or something like that. The only time I want that is when I'm reading a fantasy book or playing a video game.Oh, here's another one: the obligatory one-on-one time with each other while the other one is away in hibernation, probably to go away and cry and give those stupid cut-ins that completely disjoint the show itself.

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Anyways, we've gone about 20 minutes of show without something that normally happens in a dating show like this happening. Who are they to dissapoint you the joys of watching them make out like baboons.Yeah, it's becoming so predictable that the only way it'd be even more predictable that if the liar's girlfriend was actually there acting as the assistant to the pedicurist so that the liar would have a harder time lying. Yes, the liar's lover is present to try to skew the lover from the liar and the dater's perception of who's the lover and the liar.It's times like this that I'm glad I didn't have GSN at my house in 2004.Either way, at the end of it all, the psychic says who's the liar and who's the lover.Already 5 minutes into the show and I'm bored out of my mind.

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