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Setting a link to a cell in another file is easy, it’s just like linking to any other cell in a workbook.In a cell type the equals symbol ( = ), click on a cell in another workbook, then press return. Provided you can remember the syntax, it is possible to create a link without even opening a file.But we can push this further and use a linked file within other formulas and functions.The following shows the VLOOKUP function with the table_array argument referencing cells in a linked workbook.As mentioned in the introduction, there are some significant problems with linked files: If a cell is referenced within its own workbook Excel tracks what happens to that cell.

But will also significantly reduce the number circumstances when it is useful.

Let’s suggest a HR department sends workbooks with salary information to each individual employee.

If there are links to a file containing all the salaries, the cached salary information will be distributed to every employee! So, where is this cache of data which I keep referring to. If it were salary information we could see that Jack has a salary of ,000 and Sally a salary of ,000.

An Excel file is constructed in a specific way to be read by the Excel application. This means you can keep retrieving values from files which no longer exist!!!

When a link is created, the linking file keeps a copy of the data from the linked file. the calculation will continue to return values from the cached source file.

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