Ex dating new guy

He’s got to focus on his ex and tell himself she wants to be with him and not the other man in the long run. So, it’s up the guy to put the idea out there of getting back together and proving to his ex that it’s worth a shot. Dangle the carrot and let her decide the rest with a little positive persuasion from you. If the guy isn’t sure he wants her back and it’s not really bothering him that she’s knee deep in a rebound relationship, the man should hang tight and stop all communication until the rebound breakup takes center stage.This strategy all depends on whether you want your ex back regardless of the fact she is in a new relationship that is likely to fail.According to the experts, if you just broke up with your ex and he’s already back into another relationship, it’s definitely a rebound relationship. Knowing your ex has a new fling might hurt initially out of the starting gates, but remember, exes are exes for a reason, right?Let’s get started with some signals your ex is going to fail in his new relationship. Guys just don’t want to face the pain of the failure they are experiencing missing their ex, so they find someone new in hopes of getting to their happy place again where they feel loved and connected.There are many guys who jump into a new relationship to try and forget about their ex. If your ex is in a rebound hookup for this reason, they are on track to muck-up miserably.

There’s a really good chance your ex girl is in a rebound relationship if she decided to give her attention to a guy who is nothing like you.Meaning, you didn’t give her the attraction she wants from her man.Most women want to be with a man who is confident and secure in himself.She will be attracted to you if you make her feel excited and alive with your newfound confidence. Many men might wonder how they are going to reach out and get with their ex because she seems to be happy with her new guy.For sure, the guy can’t worry about the other gent.

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