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Some P'ent'ay communities - especially the Mekane Yesus (Lutheran) Church for example - have been influenced by the Orthodox Tewahedo Church, which represents mainstream, traditional Ethiopian and Eritrean Christianity, but for the most part are very Pentecostal in their worship and theology.The Four Main Denominations: Some of the aforementioned denominations also have counterparts in Eritrea (Protestantism in Eritrea) with exact or similar names that existed prior to the partition of Ethiopia and Eritrea, (a majority of these denominations are under persecution in Eritrea for their beliefs and have been cut off from their sister churches in Ethiopia and international Christian organizations).P'ent'ay Christians use the history of the Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity prior to the 1960s as their own history.As it organized in the 4th century, within the Ethiopian Aksumite Kingdom, the Christian church grew more influential.Thus according to Ethiopian historical texts, its association with the Roman Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Church strengthened.

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According to membership and adherent records provided by the various churches and denominations, Ethiopian Protestants claim as high as 18.59% of the country's population which is inline with the recent data from the US department of state.Protestant Christians still face persecution in rural regions; however, there is a growing tolerance between the Ethiopian Orthodox, Muslims and the growing population of P'en'tay Christians in the urban areas of the country.According to, the Pentecostal population is growing quickly with even faster rates in the third world countries.All of the four main churches and others also share and listen to various gospel singers, mezmur (gospel music or hymn) producers and choirs.Modern Ethiopian Evangelicals are the result of missionary work, the work of the Holy Spirit among Orthodox Church youth later fanned by persecution.

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