Esl dating diaries

I also show how to find them on websites, so more people can do what i'm doing.If we succeed, we'll make their inboxes so full of people that are onto their scam, it'll put them out of business!I also explain how I spot them on dating sites, so the readers can see what to look for in their profiles.As an added bonus, i've also included my new Nigerian bank scam e-mails.

The insanity that started with the first collection of broken English love letters now carries on with Volume II: The Essential Barrier of Language was!All of a sudden, I felt him get pushed off me and I fell to the ground, the world spinning and my vision blurry, I felt myself being lifted up off the ground, “I’ve got you Y/N, it’s okay, you’re safe now” a familiar voice whispered, “here drink this” the same person said soothingly, placing their wrist against my mouth, I didn’t want it but I didn’t really have a choice, it was only going to stay there until I drunk.They took their wrist away from my mouth, I opened my eyes, getting a chance to look at who was holding me, “Kol” I smiled faintly, “this is the second time you’ve rescued me from one of your brothers, I need to find a way to say thank you”, he chuckled, his body vibrating as I leaned my head on his shoulder, “you don’t need to do anything Y/N”, “yes, because you saved me from Elijah as well”, “Y/N I did that because I can’t bear the thought of you being hurt, seeing you in pain hurts me as well” he explained, I looked up at him, “what do you mean?They write me in broken English, I write back in broken English, & the end result is these hilarious broken English love letters!If you believe that revenge is a dish best served when it's hilarious, then please join in my mission.

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