East indian dating culture

Simply put: It is nearly impossible for all Indians to put themselves out there and then have access to every potential partner, because of the diverse societies and cultures within this vast nation with a population of 1.28 billion people.

As Indians, we also give massive respect to education and leading a disciplined life.

For example, after retiring from acting, Sharmila Tagore turned her sights to helping others, and serving the Hindi cinema fraternity.

Sharmila ji served as a chairperson on the Indian Censor Board, and was a member of the Cannes Film Festival Jury.

This is one of the reasons why Indian men generally get married when they are 27 or above.

Parents expect their sons to find a good, well-paying job that can help them develop in life and stand on their own feet.

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Below is my original April 2015 response: Honestly completely and totally disgusting that anyone would think this. Women from EVERY religion and background have imperfections; you don’t see the rest of the world complaining. From Sharmila Tagore to Rupi Kaur, Indian women have not only shown that they are beautiful, but also add a heavy dose of intellectual brilliance to the mix.

Of course, education – with no disrespect, absolutely, to it – dictates why India is bereft of dating culture, as of yet.

It takes Indians too long, if at all they do get independent at some stage, to support themselves and lead what you call a truly independent life.

I, for one, staunchly believe that despite the influx of dating apps, more women wanting to work, becoming independent and subsequently bridging the gender gap, and the profound impact some movies have had on an Indian’s thought process, our country has yet to embrace dating.

It is not like Indians are not aware of dating and do not have the nous of what it is all about, but, for various reasons, dating and India are still at polar opposites to each other and far from coming close anytime soon.

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