Drupal feed aggregator not updating

Search for “WP RSS Aggregator”, Install, and Activate it. Let me give you a brief overview of what these options are all about.

Your plugin search bar will look something like this: Once you have successfully installed the plugin to your Word Press, you will see a new option added to the left side of your Word Press admin panel. It is also necessary that you should optimize the basic settings in accordance with your website preferences.

Since Word Press is one of the most used Content Management System, it empowers more than 27% of the websites on the Internet.

It comes with a built-in RSS feed system, and to access it, all you need to do is add “/feed” at the end of your URL.

If someone wants to read the complete article, he can visit it by clicking the link above the banner image.

You can also append or prepend additional content using available shortcodes like in your feed post to give proper credits to the original post and author. If you wish to fetch the complete article and display it on your blog post and you also want to give credit to the original publisher, here is an awesome extension that can come in handy. This plugin enables your readers to gain full access to the articles displayed as RSS feed on your website alongside mentioning the original publisher.

However, before going any further, install the theme from your Word Press Admin dashboard first.

Then click on View Posts, all fetched posts will be shown as in the image below.

And that’s how the posts will show up on the homepage of your Word Press website. Now, whenever you click on the title of the post or the Continue Reading button, a new tab will appear that contains a few lines of the actual content along with the original article link.

Hence, what you need to do is compile all of them in one place so you can get important updates from each.

The question is, how does one compile all the news and publishers in one place? Today, I am going to show how you can create a Word Press website using an RSS Feed. RSS (Rich Site Summary) is a format that is used by bloggers, news sites, and other content based websites to syndicate their publications as an RSS feed.

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