Did lauren and kent dating Gambar makdatin

After, all, Kent felt it wasn’t really anyone else’s business.

Prior to the most recent season of Vanderpump Rules, Kent discussed the possibility of Emmett appearing on the show and it was slim to none.

Still, she had no idea he was going to end it, which he did the second weekend in January - the footage we saw on the finale.

Becca referred to this last night, after Arie mentioned that he still had feelings for Lauren which he was open with Becca about.

Well, I had auditioned for another part, and I got a callback for it.

I came in, and I read in front of the producers with six other actors, and after that we all had to dance for the part.

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On January 29, she captioned a photo of herself and Arie on the the bowling group date: "He’s a perfect 10...*sigh* Spare me." Considering that she's said about 12 words total this season on air, that was a pretty punny line by the 25-year-old sales rep. It ap PIERS to me that this BEACH likes you." Man alive, Lauren's dad jokes are on point. In Peru, she wrote, "Thanks for letting me Lima on you! #queenofpuns." None of this is conclusive proof that they're still a thing, but it's hard to see her writing this if she got dumped twice by the same guy.

That about sums up The Bachelor finale last night, which played out almost entirely how The Bachelor spoilers predicted. A gut-wrenching 40-minute unedited scene where Arie Luyendyk Jr. Three hours of raw, uncut pain showed us Becca's heartbreak and shock, but what happened next still remains to be seen. Curiously, but perhaps not coincidentally, up until January 16, Lauren didn't post too much about the show on her Instagram.

After hemming and hawing through his final two dates and even the last rose ceremony, Arie finally proposed to Becca ... then immediately continued obsessing over Lauren Burnham and decided to call off their engagement in a matter of weeks. He then went to Lauren's family home in Virginia Beach, Va., to win her back, or at least go down swinging, on January 16.

The producers were like, ‘He's not right for the part, Carl is dorkier.’ But Marguerite Derricks, the choreographer, came up to me and said, ‘Kent, they want to create a part for you.

You're going to be the cocky guy with Sasha.’ That's so great!

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