Dependency property not updating ui what to expect when dating a hispanic man

I really miss the ability to just change behaviour or appearance slightly with a cleverly constructed sub-class in winforms.

So, view model will consists of properties that can provide the title and the description.

Now don’t get me wrong I like vector graphics just the tool support at the moment is terrible.

The only bright ray of hope is Inkscape which will allow you to trace a bitmap to convert it into vector and also export xaml files.

This means if we are building a News application then the view might consists of a UITable View which allows to display the news items and the view model will consists of the data representing the news item like title, description, published Date, author, source etc. It consists of a simple UITable View control, which uses the default UITable View cell for display.

Now, think about what data you want to display in the view.

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