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(I mean he was really attractive - and I was kind of curious what else he'd confide in me about).After the party, he texted "hey, totally understand about what you said but I'd love to get coffee" I reiterated back "yes, as long as you understand that I'm not looking to date, then coffee is fine." To which I let it go. And Those With Nicknames BUB isn't the only nickname I've used for men. Like the guy I met years ago when I ended up going from one Holiday reception to another to another place to yet another place, all in the same night.

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She wants more than ever to be married but nothing she has found is good enough.

Any of you guys aware of this female blogger Dateme Dc ?

For those of you unaware of her, she's a 28-29 year old who blogs about her dating experiences in the DC area.

I promised you all that I would occasionally interrupt my running posts to give you some stories about the rest of my life, so below is a post I wrote a few years ago about how dating life can go in D. The ridiculous things that have happened to me in dating have become infamous among my friends.

I have a friend who works in professional improv in Chicago and she once asked to use one of my dating stories for a skit, if that tells you anything about how "great" dates typically go for me.

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