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Well, Marjai adapted to the keto lifestyle and she discovered more benefits than she ever imagined - career, health, relationships and so much more!

Follow us: Instagram: Email: [email protected] this episode we have Ruba Wilson who will be talking about his journey to celibacy, and having the conversation where you let a potential partner know that you are celibate.

Follow us: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Email: [email protected] comedy writer Ngozi Kim joins us to share her recent story about how she was fooled by a man who slid into her DMs pretending he was all for her ambition!

For her experience she learned there is a new tactic that men are using on social media to lure ambitious women and break them apart!

We are joined by Yanira who talks about her experience with a really close friend of hers.Follow us: Yanira: Instagram: Facebook: Twitter: Email: [email protected] media!So many people share their relationship on social media or generation information about their dating life.We have Evelyn Zhang and she’ll take us through her journey from being in the army for 5 years to foraying into the entertainment world and how she made that transition the civilian world and how you too can pivot your life and find your dream job.Follow us: Instagram: Email: [email protected] life can be stressful especially when you compare yourself to your friends who all seemed to be getting married, buying houses and having babies.

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