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In the summer of 2018, Varderan and Prpldragon each took a hiatus from Ninjagocast a couple of episodes into the show's ninth season, leaving it to Meso and Eljay.

Working in both LA and London, Exam (2009) was next, BAFTA-nominated as Outstanding British Debut and winner of Best Independent at the Santa Barbara Film Fest, the film's critics noted Pollyanna's performance was "smart, sassy and sexy in equal parts...emotional center of the film" praised her capacity to find the "emotional vulnerability" of her seemingly tough and ambitious character.

Prpl discovered TTV through a 2014 Breaking News video and followed the channel ever since.

In November 2015, she caught the attention of the eight-member cast when she painted pictures of their Self-MOC's masks and created pictures of the cast in comedic situations. She guest starred on a few episodes, and was considered an unofficial cast member for a while before becoming an official Cast Member.

Hayley, also known as eyeofthewolfe, but more importantly Meso's Girlfriend Hayley (MGH), is the newest TTV cast member.

Hayley is currently dating fellow TTV member Mesonak.

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