Dating with inflammatory bowel disease

He even brings my pills to me each night on a paper towel to make sure I stay on top of my illness.He constantly reminds me I’m not sickly — rather, I’m a healthy person with a disease in my intestines.

Our third date was at a boathouse on a gorgeous day in August.And there are good eggs are out there, folks — they stand out from the rest like a diamond in the rough.Eventually, I found my one true diamond in the rough.Once I was admitted, I called my then-boyfriend to let him know the news. He couldn’t make the three-hour drive to see me because gas prices were too expensive. I was very excited for our first date, but there was just one hitch: A few hours before we were supposed to meet for dinner, I ended up experiencing a bout of terrible pain that left me bent over on the toilet.Since I’d only just met him — and we’d only spoken for a few hours — I hadn’t told him about my Crohn’s disease.

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