Dating winchester model 70 serial number

Since the Madis information was never questioned, until now, it was taken as gospel and reprinted almost everywhere you seek the info.

The Blue Book of Gun Values has now been the first source to the public, to print the revised DOM's.....

Serious Winchester collectors have a substantial investment wrapped up in their collections. Hartmans data to determine that my Winchester 94s were manufactured in the 1950s. Matt, I think all the 1894 data is the same, "maybe" updated with 1st year model dates/serial numbers, on caliber and configuration. Is that what you show and can you tell me anything more about it?

When your valuable "Antique", suddenly becomes a less valuable "C&R", or your low number production year suddenly falls into a year that set a production record, you wouldn't want the unknowing sucker to see that, before you unloaded the rifle on him at a profit would you? gadjeep, one of Bert's cohorts is doing a survey on 1892's like Bert has on the 1885's and 1894's. John PR = Polishing Room, I made that note from the list here, pretty good indicator your rifle will letter from Cody. Thanks, Geologyjohnok, I'll try you :) model 54 30-06 with a Stainless barrel sn:31584a I the past i was under the impression it was a 1929? My '73 .44-40 SRC looked like it had been used for a grape stake, after hunting woolly mammoths!

A man named George Madis compiled the Winchester DOM's after he salvaged the Winchester records from a dumpster. Unfortunately, many of the records were destroyed or missing, so he simply made up the rest.

The Winchester collector world accepted his word on all things Winchester as gospel. My friend Bert Hartman among others started digging around in the Cody Museum basement, and discovered boxes full of microfilm containing all the Polishing Room Records.

It's been know for years that his info was incorrect, but until now, no one has done anything to correct it. Bruce, I'll have to ask Bert about your serial number to be sure, but I "think" some of those may have been parts clean up. The S/N is stamped on the bottom of the reciever where the barrel mates & on the bottom of the trigger guard. I have the newly updated dates of manufacture, and production numbers for Winchesters. Interesting note, in the following year, only 477 were produced. Where on the stock is the serial number, and how was it applied?

Larry Shennum and Bert Hartman just compiled these dates from the Winchester Polishing Room records, and miles of microfilm converted to jpg. The dates in the Blue Book, and any you find online, are based on the Madis data, and are severely flawed. :eek: Post the model and serial number, use X's if you're worried about that stuff, but give me at least the first 3 digits, and I'll give you the DOM, and production numbers if I have them.

Anyhow, on the stainless barrels, made 1926-1930, and they made em for damned near all the models, shotguns too, and rare on most models......

but the most common one he has seen was on the model 54. Now that I've actually dug it out the Serial number is 806043. The other side has the patent dates last one of July 5 1910.

:o : Dok, I'll try you :) model 54 30-06 with a Stainless barrel sn:31584a I the past i was under the impression it was a 1929? There was a standard, carbine, sniper, and super grade. Next time I talk to him, I'll see what he has for you. I would imagine a std grade, barrel is aprox 24", prolly was blackened @ one point, now raw stainless ( how i got it) has 2 tapped drill holes on side of rear receiver, drilled & tapped for redfield one piece mount on top (3 holes) currently has nikon monarch on it. And 122 years later, it was made well enough that it's still here, and probably in working condition. :mad: I picked up a nice little Remington #4 Rolling Block Takedown chambered in .22 short and long.

but I have zero data how many model 54's came with a stainless barrel, let alone that year, and thank you Made early 1930, 3395 made that year. I don't have any info on the stainless barrels, but I know Bert dug up some. gadjeep, one of Bert's cohorts is doing a survey on 1892's like Bert has on the 1885's and 1894's. Think about it for a minute, how many other tools in your house right now are 122 yrs old? images, taken from deteriorating microfilm.:eek: From the pics, theres not a lot of difference between a stand and super grade, but the super grade appears to have a ramp front sight with a hood, a monte carlo stock, and a ebony or tenite forend cap.thank you!! The CB longs were okay, but the Hi Speed shorts worked better.

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