Dating values rating scale

The 1-10 system is a pretty reliable way to rate the attractiveness of women.

This objective measurement makes it less likely you’ll make an error by diving into a relationship with a girl who isn’t worthy, while simultaneously pushing you to invest in a girl who is.

Since attractiveness is so important, the 1-10 score here is multiplied by 5. Sex is a big part of why we exist, and if a girl is unable to satisfy you sexually at any time you want to bust a nut then she has failed in her duty as a woman. It would be like dating a lifeless doll instead of a living, breathing creature of the Earth. Now I want to give you general scoring guidelines so you know how to rate each factor. 10: You get a raging hard-on just thinking of what she can do to your cock. I calculated the scores of about 25 girls I remember going on at least three dates with and then ranked them from top score to lowest.

It doesn’t matter whether she uses her pussy, mouth, or anus, but she must use it with vigor and enthusiasm to give you maximum pleasure. Does she have a good living space that suggests she knows how to maintain a home? This quality is more important for long-term relationships, and basically comes down to the following question: does she have heart? 10: This score doesn’t exist besides retouched magazines photos. She’s better than the porn stars you watch on Porn Hub. From that list I was able to construct cut-off values that happened to be true for me: Now that I have determined my cut-off points, all I have to do after going on three dates with a girl is plug-and-chug to tell me the best way I should proceed.

I noticed that something wretched happened to her face—drug use, perhaps—where she dropped a full point on the attractiveness scale. It makes sense to me 9 years later: since attractiveness has a weight of five, her overall score dropped to 68.5, which while high, is out of my relationship range.

Hindsight allows me to make sense of old scores, and old scores will now allow me to make sense of future girls I get involved with.

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